Totally absurd bike plans that you've thought about doing but will never do: FOREVER edition


If any Tarcker puts bar end shifters on the downtube of their Endpoint, they are required by TarckLaw to turn that bike over to the next appropriately-sized Tarcker.


you can swap the guts of the DA9000 tri shifters into DA7900 downtube levers


Um, aren’t all Endpoint bikes not compatible with DT shifters because DT stops are barrel adjusters?


correct sir, they’re paragon nubbins on the ditherer. p sure cg is the same


Oh yeah? I thought it had regular DT cable stop.


Hey tarck, I need help

High Mileage Steve has a bike for me. It’s a M/L Titanium Seven Sola 29er, English threaded BB, disc brake, QR, rack mounts, tapered headtube. 2015? Steve built it up and put 500 miles on it but then he got his custom steel bike, so the Seven is all set up but basically new. Thomson, XT, Sram GX, etc. I would get a carbon fork for it and only be out about $2500 (!)

I was already thinking about ditching the Nature Boy. I am thinking about selling the NB and getting this bike, cause I don’t have 2.5 bongs sitting around. I figure with 2.2 low-knob MTB tires like my favorite Teravail Sparwoods, then I’ll have a gravel-eater that I can still zip around on for my commute. I would leave the gears on.

The price and the quality of the bike make this a no-brainer but my hesitance is that I won’t have a “road” bike. But I guess I kind of already don’t right? Should I just quit waffling and sell my Nature Boy and make this new bike happen?


I feel like it’d be redundant since you already have the krampug.


this really is a question that needs to go in your own thread

dont you already have a 29er?


I’ll move it to my thread


Ok, bike plans for 2017:

Elephant - Replace the crank with FSA Adventure or Sugino subcompact from Braden, whichever I can get my hands on first. Sugino lets me run a Shimano BB, but FSA is over 300 grams lighter, which is huge on a piggy bike like mine, but appears to be total vaporware for at least the rest of the summer. Then replace the Centaur RD with my short-cage Record RD and run an 11-28 or 11-30 cassette for tight gearing, with essentially the same climbing gear.

Trek 360 - Sell DA 9000 group, acquire some budget Chorus/Record levers and brake calipers, install Shimano HG 11-34 cassette (replacing my current 10-of-11 arrangement), and switch this bike over to Campagnolo 11. Then replace crusty Turbo tires with something fancy and tubeless, since the wheels are tubeless ready. Remove Dura Ace 7800 pedals and acknowledge this bike’s fate with the extra pair of XT I have sitting in my parts bin. Alternately, I can get rid on the steel Trek 360 and put all parts on my Trek 5200 frameset that’s kicking around my basement.

Trek 850 - Continue to give no shits about.

Trek 950 frameset - Align frame, fix damaged hanger, give it a Jasco stripping, then figure out what to do with it. I probably have enough parts to build it right back up for shits and giggles.


27.2 dropper post for yolo bike. What to buy?


gravity dropper.

also, Josh, turn that trek thing into an ork style fixed gear old man bike.


i already asked you this once but how much does your elephant weigh?


the fug outta here

Edit: I may be many comments late but still


Lots. As it sits in my living room, probably mid-to-high 30s. I’ve never weighed it.


vo has friction ones that do 11


A) Post your bike
B) Any number of things can be made to shift 11 speed friction


Lots. As it sits in my living room, probably mid-to-high 30s. I’ve never weighed it.[/quote]

An … Elephant in the room, no?


Thinking about having a framebuilder fabricate a 1" threadless low trail disc fork for my Tarckyon so I can have a poor-man’s NFE/OGD.


I think that’s a tremendous idea.