Totally absurd bike plans that you've thought about doing but will never do: FOREVER edition


I thought the Tachyons all came 1 1/8 threaded?

(with the paintmatched flippable double-quill steel stem)


Mine is 1" threaded. I have the less-weird late-model.


If I could have that, I don’t think I’d ever have to replace my Scott


[quote=JUGE FREDD]I thought the Tachyons all came 1 1/8 threaded?

(with the paintmatched flippable double-quill steel stem)[/quote]

Did they come in both? I thought the opposite, that they were all 1", from the ones I’ve seen/seen posts about. Mine is 1" and I eventually found the matching stem.


oh you’re right

Tachyons were all 1"


Not sure where to put this but just noticed that Soma is now selling Tanaka Flying Fish Fenders that are painted to match their framesets.
Scroll down and it looks like they are making 700x58 in orange colorway for the Wolverine.
Wonder if those could be rolled out to be closer to 650bx60 without damaging the paint?


has anyone used them? whats the mounting hardware like?


oh jfc
squirrel has found his matchy fenders for old orange bike


I fully intend to powdercoat the new Elephant orange FWIW.
Brown isn’t bad but not for me.


To push this thread back towards its original function:
I am considering building up a Soma Tradesman, their “baker bike”. This is indeed an absurd plan, but I can’t get the thing out of my head, it seems as if it might be really fun to ride (in a town with a lot of hills and a 5 month, 90% humidity hot season).

Talk me into or out of it.


other option in the same price bracket is the Cyclefab conversion kit on a 90s rigid MTB

something 1-1/8 threaded makes a great donor, you’d get to pick your sizing and splatterpaintjob that way


the cyclefab conversion looks like a kludge.

1 vote for tradesman


what about the Crust fork?




Some local guy has a tradesman and I liked it less in person than I did on the web (and I loved it on the web).


Did you ride it with a load up front?


I didn’t ride it at all. The rack looked smaller than expected, the bike looked/felt heavier than expected, and I didn’t see anything I liked more than a Haulin’ Colin cycletruck conversion on a LHT. I just wasn’t digging it but it wasn’t a strong dislike, and I would probably like your interpretation of it more aesthetically.

This is probably the apex of bike for me:


I feel like people with the Cyclefab/Crust Clydesdale/Soma Tradesman gotta be honest and put a legit heuge basket on the front to get the most utility out of the bike. Amazing how well it handles with a week worth of groceries for 2 people.


oh yeah an LHT is pretty much the perfect conversion candidate

cause it’s a well built 90s MTB with a tall oversized HT and long chainstays

super agree about needing a very large basket, a medium one is useless and in the way, not that a bare platform is that useful either

a plastic collapsing crate is ideal


Tradesman with a massive bucket on the front is pretty much what I want. The only drawback: not sure if I can carry a kid on it. OH NO I may have to sell my Xtracycle and get an Omni Minimax.


In all seriousness, if I can do a Tradesman for sorta cheap, I’m into it, but probably my next bike is going to be an Endpoint once my Surly breaks.