Totally absurd bike plans that you've thought about doing but will never do: FOREVER edition


Lock. On. Grips.


Poke a really thin skinny screw-driver down one end, squirt in some window cleaner. Jiggle it about squirt in more, use gravity to help it flow down into the grip more. Then you can spin the grip around by hand and just wind it off. I use it all the time, the grips don’t stretch and the window cleaner just dissolves away. I guess you called it “Windex” ?[/quote]

Hand sanitizer works a little better.

Massive diameter, hard and heavy. Nah.

ESIs forev


The lazy ass way (and what i’d prob do) would be to make it 1x but just leave the shifter pod on the bars + leave the grips alone. But I give bad advice.


Or dremel the fucker (or the band) off.


bumping this thread to motivate myself to start moving towards building up a new bike for sup

based on our conversation: no mixte, wants a rack or basket to carry things. swept back bars, trying to sit up straight more or less, not fast, probably thumby shifters, steel

i think 51cm
1x8, more or less a slow townie or city bike, right?
maybe build a fauxendell with an old mountain bike?


Get one of those blowout breezers. Done.


I think I’d like to fender up the Grando, and ladybiek still needs a new road bike.

I’m thinking 10 speed 105 or something like that, maybe even 11sp if we can get in for cheap.

KramPug needs a complete rebuild, gonna start on that next week.


link pls



Get the tandem totally dialed in and dirtroadworthy

Do the final finish work on the RTP bikes and get them painted

Build a new jig that reflects my build sequence

Build an absurd long and slack gravel frame to see if the concept is dumb

New mtb frame for sup, probably a Jones clone

New mtb frame for me, dialed in version from #9/14 with stiffer front triangle and more tire clearance


Similarly, I am thinking of cutting my losses on that heavy-ass Antelope and replacing it with this guy, which is much closer to the supplyfe dream I am chasing.

When I am done paying for school, or have a job that pays more than poverty wages, I want to swap a Crust fork onto the Antelope and make it my cargo bike.


Like pvd’s “hybrid”?



Like pvd’s “hybrid”?[/quote]

Getting there but not that extreme.


Damn I love hard anno rims.


What should I do with my spare Merckx frame? I love my new Telekom and it got most of the upgrades I’d wanted in the first place so I’m kind of …?.. with the Zero-Uno now that I have it back.

Build it cheap and put a front rack/basket on it?

Bide my time and collect old weight weenie bits for the lulz?

Replace fork with that cycletruck thingy?



Replace fork with that cycletruck thingy?[/quote]

I, for one, want to see a Clydesdale Merckx. You should do this for the love of tarck and all things holy.


Yeah really. That would be the most absurd, awesome shit ever.


Would probably get regrammed at least once, especially if there was campagnolo on there somewhere


Full campy.


Full campy.[/quote]
Alright, that’s that then. I don’t really know anything about Campy… or that truckfork, though. Point me in the right direction so I can dither for a year and buy this nonsense when I’m back from parental leave.