Totally absurd bike plans that you've thought about doing but will never do: FOREVER edition


I’m also think of getting a Crust Clydesdale fork… but to put on the splatter Rockhopper with Shimano Alivio and a Sugino triple. Nothing as exciting as a Merckx with Campy. Hoping to get it done mid-year.


Damn I love hard anno rims.[/quote]
There’s one of these bikes in my size under a tarp in my parents’ garage in Wisconsin and every time I’m there I look at it and think “I should do something with this” and then I continue to do nothing.
Someday I’ll bring it home and make it mine. Someday.


Set the Fargo up as a pseudo-Jones. The only reason I haven’t done this yet is because it’d be an experiment that would involve the purchase of $250-300 worth of parts, not counting the wheelset.

I’m pretty sure that the Fargo’s geometry (aside from the fork offset) pretty closely mimics the original Jones 29er geometry, but I haven’t found an actual printed geometry chart anywhere.


Sell like half my bike crap and build up a Coffee Grinder.


Just do what I did and don’t sell your crap and then build up a Coffee Grinder anyway.


I feel like I should get an endpoint


Just do what I did and don’t sell your crap and then build up a Coffee Grinder anyway.[/quote]

I’m pretty much out of space.


Make my MTB 11 speed and hope it holds out for 2 or so more years?


change out the bars and tape and hoods on my radlawn, and get the cable housing lengths right, ride the fucker.


Really feel like I should do a tubeless setup on my 29+ wheels and re-do the tubeless setup on my 26fat wheels. But I don’t know what tires to use on the 29+ and I don’t know what the best way of doing tubeless on all my wonky Surly rims is


I have rabbit holes set up tubeless. I just had the LBS do it.

I’m running knards for now, dirt wizards also will set up fine.


Despite the contemptible name, fatty stripper is where it’s at.


Seconded. Works great. Changes the nature of your Google ads for a bit, though.


Yeah I should order a set of those. They are basically just a nice kit that sort of recapitulates the split-tube method right?


It’s just a band of wide, thin, latex strip. The only trick I found was realizing that it’s not going to stay centered on the rim while you rassle the tire on. You have to grab the edges, work them back out from under the tire bead and lap them over the rim. Could trim the excess after it’s all seated, but I haven’t bothered. Holds air like a champ. If you buy, don’t use a blade or scissors to cut the shipping envelope open, or you might knick it.


Ah cool thanks for the heads up. I’ve ordered a kit for my 26" fat wheels as I did those up with Gorilla Tape and while they will hold air for a time, they definitely leak down much faster than they should. It’s kind of a derp here in Texas but I mainly use that bike for giving the dog backpack rides so derp is the name of the game.


My fat bike probably holds air better than any other bike in my basement because of those things.


Get the tandem back up and running. I hate the stem and bars I put on there a while ago (too flexy) and want to swap the fork to rid myself of the 9/8 threaded curse forever.

Been thinking about putting a chinacarbon 26" disc fork on and yolo-ing. My stokers are light and we never go too far off-road or anything. But then again…

Anyway, I’ll probably never get a new fork for it.


Jeff! How are you?


Blakey! Long time… iIm good! Things are much the same with me. Just ride the cargo bike these days, the other bikes are collecting dust. So I’m not here that often, cos not much bike dithering.
But Ernie’s almost confident enough on a bike to be a stoker now so I’m thinking of startin’ up some dithering. Hoping I won’t need a child’s stoker kit.

You still in Tassie?