Totally absurd bike plans that you've thought about doing but will never do: FOREVER edition


Yeah, I’m riding Snowaguchi until I can’t find replacement parts, it breaks, or I do.

And I’m definitely feeling like every bike I have now is more bike than I need.


Di2 1x hydrodick V3 coffee grinder


I’m considering getting a cheap road frame that was made for 27 x 1 1/4” tyres and building it up as a SS / fixed gear with bigger (700x32 or bigger) tyres and risers. I have enough parts except the frame and forks and possibly brakes (could always go brakeless).

I also have no need for it and don’t know when I’d ride t.



My best friend’s work bike during winter was a cool old peugeot with semi-horizontal dropouts. During the spring it would be his camping bike but during winter he’d set it up as a fixed gear with fat tires and dual brakes. I’m not sure how he got the brakes to work, he’s 100x the mechanic I am. Anyway it was the best fixed gear winter bike. Direct traction with the drivetrain but still brakes on both and fat tires.


Those are my favorite bikes to build, cheap, fun, and easily flipped for whatever I have in it when I’m bored of it.


Finding something that isn’t terrible for a decent price might be an issue. There’s a swapmeet coming up in a few weeks though. I have these Ofmega Mistral cranks like these that I’d like to use though. Unfortunately mine have a gouge in the arm from chain drop.


Take the fenders off of my Elephant.

[h1]Is it time?[/h1]


its not even june and you’re thinking about removing your fenders?
fools errand


Well my front fender is rattling a lot. A rivet is loose, so I need to take it off and mushroom or replace it.

It is May, so the rain is mostly gone. I expect I may get one morning with a wet commute to work, but it might be worth it to get rid of the noise and enjoy the lightness of my bike sans fenders.


I’m usually in the fenders until June camp, but I just took mine off.


yeah not gonna lie i rode the bike with no fenders today too


You three have collectively doomed the PNW to the wettest summer in decades now. Probably.


Well I sort of hope so, since last year’s fires were unbearable.


It was so Smokey last year. Our skylights still have ash.


Bumping this because I need to be talked into or out of this. I have a decently ditheringly built cdale f2000 built up (rigid, big rubber, wide bars, 1x9, v-brakes) but it’s just not fun, and too close in build to the fat chance. Should I sell it as is and just be done with it or drop $300 or so and put a crust cyldesdale fork on it and either love it or be able to sell it for much more as a cargo bike than as just some not that old but not that new mtb?


I would just sell it as is. The only people who are going to want to buy a bike with a Crust fork are the ones who were already too cheap to buy an old MTB and a Crust fork, so they are going to try to steal it. That and you would have to buy a front wheel, disc brake stuff etc, I just don’t see it working out for you



Yeah sell as is.

In Clydesdale-chat, I think my next thing will be putting a Clyde fork on my old Surly 1x1 and making it 1x9. Kinda want a shopping bike that will fit most of a week’s worth of groceries without fucking about. Spicy Curry would be fine but it’s hard to have it set up for kid-hauling as well as shopping cos the bags interfere with the kids legs if you leave them on… When the kids are bigger I’ll probably get the big cargo bags. #dithering


Thanks for the solid advice. Gonna sell it and use the $ to put hydros on the cagro.


i’m definnitely digging clydeslyfe. made a cool and not super useful bike way more useful and a lot slower. handles okay til you get around 40 lbs in it and then it’s still great as long as you don’t try to sprint (sketchy bridge crossing made even sketchier

tire, box of wine, case of beer, 5 or 6 lbs of meat, cooler bag, ice packs,pickles, lock, flat kit with two types of tube, backpack slowly accumulated over about 12 miles

fave stars- would buy groceries again