Totally absurd bike plans that you've thought about doing but will never do: FOREVER edition


I did the Clydes on a Straggler, actually rides well with the geo and everything.


Dither Q: If you were going to get a Ritchey Breakaway, would you go Road or Cross?


Jeez. I’d want the cross clearances with the road handling, so get a Coffee Grinder with S&S couplers?






If there was a steel (cheaper) breakaway Outback it wouldn’t be a question.


The outback is cool but way fucking overpriced.


All Ritchey frames seem overpriced to me atmo.


That’s because they are.


Ritchey bikes are priced fairly, commiserate to anything else with high quality steel tubing and TIG welds, or other production S&S coupled bikes.

Take the the Road Logic - it’s one of the only production steel road frames with legit supple tubing and comes with a sweet full carbon fork and headset. The closest thing to it would probably be a Gunnar, which is the same price for just the frame, but then you need to add a fork and a headset, which is another $500 through them (and a $125 upcharge to paint the fork to match). The exception is that Outback frame - they are fucking dreaming with that price.

I want Ritchey to come out with a Road Logic Disc frameset and, if it fits 28-30mm tires with fenders and offers real road bike geometry, I’d probably sell my Trek and build that up.


I’ve had a Bridgestone T500 laying around for years that was my college beater that I just can’t quite get myself to get rid of. I think I’m going to finally build it full Dad-bike mode and get the canti mounts lowered to actually fit 700’s.


consider just hacksawing the posts off

and use dual pivots




I really have considered it, but friend is a builder/welder so might avoid the cludge.

Still haven’t decided since what I truly need is less bikes, not more projects.


and leave the nubs to set an example for other cantilevers


You monster


My buddy has a steel breakaway Outback. He picked it up on Craigslist for surprisingly cheap, and it’s rad.


I didn’t think the steel ones were breakaway?


and leave the nubs to set an example for other cantilevers[/quote]




Doesn’t look like they have them on their website now, but this one is.