Weird Build Dithering Thread Infinity: Part 2

i think jacobell is one of them. it’s probably what will succeed my reens

Boken plus is a really good tire

Just in case anyone may want purple tires for their 20"/26" bike.

I’ve been too lazy to bleed the brakes on my mtb so I spent Sunday and Monday doing short gravel loops and riding local single track on my SuperX. That bike is so good on trails. Really hate that the binder bolt is in the most inconvenient location because dropping the seatpost and then ripping around on trails for an hour is super fun.

I’m reluctant to un single speed my MTB but I think I should. I’d ride it more if I didn’t have to spinny-spin-spin-spin all the way to the trailhead. I really like single speed on trails though.

Also has me thinking about my next bike…I want 700x45, 69°-71° head angle, 70ish bb drop and shortish chainstays. @BicyclePubes isn’t that close to the Enforcer? How does that bike do on gravel? I need a fast bike to make up for my lack of being fast. I’d probably ride 75% gravel 25% trails. Also the bikes I have are perfectly adequate. Also I should sell them all and start over.

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The enforcer has a 67.5 ht angle and 420mm chainstays. On gravel it feels sluggish and really feels more like a drop bar mtb than a gravel bike. Much more fun on single track.

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HY I think I’m fully over thinking I need a disk road bike and am adequately happy with my 2x8 rim brake dead ender. Next bike will definitely be close to the SuperX but more tire clearance, rack/fender mounts and no Cannondale fuckery.

This is very close to what I want

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For those not on Instagram, here is Project ShitBike. I’ve let the internet vote on all components used and this what we have so far.



I want to see video of someone riding it.

I always loved the beefy blocky arms of those cranks. I wonder if they can be somehow locked rigid for normal use? I’d love to try.

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Yes they can be. We had a customer back when I was in the bike mines that used to ride them and there was a way to lock them into “normal” mode. I don’t know if that was a feature on all of them though


I think you have to ride this in a speedo and sandals?

FUCK i think I want a Fairlight Secan. 44t chainring once those Growtac jawns drop with 11-46 cassette. Or what’s the best way to run 11-46 with drop bars and wet dicks? Fork doesn’t like racks so Rodeo labs or maybe Search Light?

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Get into GRX from the start I’d say, from someone who has spent years, trapped, dithering in the SRAM ecosystem. Cos you have 1x and 2x clutched options in cable-ways with GRX.

Sram stuff is rebuildable and infinitely tweakable with the ratio stuff up to 13 speeds with 1x but doesn’t have a cheap clutched 2x option.

Edit. Unless you use the GX 10 speed 2x dangler, which would be compatible with your cable exit location on that frame. Gotta be exact-actuation dangler-ways. Cheap enough.

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Alright there’s no reason I have three drop bar bikes. Currently I have a dead ender road bike I believe to be an early nineties Allez for pavement, a Niner RLT for bike camping/chill rides/commuting, Cannondale SuperX for fast gravel. Probably 5% of roads in the county are paved so gravel bikes make the most sense.

To that point; The orange and green roads are paved

All these roads are not paved.

This is a pipe dream for the future but do I get rid of all three current bikes and get a Coffee Grinder with two wheelsets(650x47ish for gravel and 700x32ish for road) or keep the dead ender and replace SuperX and RLT with a Fairlight Secan with 700x45ish?

  • Coffee Grinder
  • Secan

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What do?

I think one bike/two wheelset setups sound great in theory but seldom work out that way…either the frame just feels better one way or it’s too much of a PITA to switch back and forth.


Yeah. I think this is correct. I’ve wanted a Coffee Grinder for so long it’s hard to accept that it’s not the right bike for what I want/need

i’ve had a second tarck hand coffee grinder frameset for like 6 months now and it still hasn’t been assembled. what a ripoff.



medium. i do fully plan on building it eventually but i can confirm that it isn’t such a good bike that it builds itself so it’s basically worthless