What did you do to your bike today?


Put a bunch of parts on the Cannondale, put less parts on the Sundeal. Mostly done I think?

Definitely channeled Ergot, Sheldon, and the spirit of excess for that cockpit. Why not?


Smanged the crown race onto the Vaya’s fork using a big-ass piece of PVC pipe and the fancy Wolf Tooth adapter. Kinda wish they’d have spec’d a split crown race, but whatever. The WT headsets seem nicely made but I wonder if they’re a little late to the US-made headset party (White Industries, Phil Wood, King).


they don’t look as polished


Also not available in absurdly expensive limited-edition colorways.


I’ve got WHEELZ


fire fire fire


o dam


Dang Ferg.
I finally got around to building a front wheel for my road bike. Gonna ride it tomorrow.


Gave Snowaguchi a full re-cabling. When I did, I decided to put even more Paul crap on the bike.

(There’s a part of me that wants to test people, to see how far I can push it before I finally start getting shit about the bike. I mean, it has Paul brakes, and the Ayn Rand stem and setback seatpost combo! When I go out of my way to mention it I’m given a pass, due to Tarck grandfather clauses and ‘he built that frameset’. Where is the breaking point?)

The blue is a good match for the paint. It was a hard call between this and purple, but the 'guch already has enough visual noise with the centerpull brakes, cross cabling, and seatpost binder cable hanger.


My understanding is that those are the Paul product that we like. But don’t think you’re off the hook just yet.


That’s the Paul product that really solves a problem, and there really aren’t a lot of great alternatives.

The rest of it is bike jewelry thats no better than multitudes of other products and often worse.


50% parts bin build. Turned the Wolverine into a 1x11 (11-46 x 40T) commuter for a friend who’s bike got stolen. It was a Linus. They’re also going on their first S24O in a fortnight. Probably needs a different seatpost.


Finished putting fresh drivetrain on the Cycletruck, continuing with 9-speed dead ender. Feels marginally more efficient when I pedal.
I never realized how much I love the cable routing of shadow derailleurs with seatstay cable guides.
Latest generation of Mega9 is is so boxy, do not like aesthetics but works fine on this bike because there is a giant box on the front.
Also got two new slightly larger bungee nets which work better than the nets I had before that didn’t go over the edges. The new bungee hooks are also really skinny/pointy and fit PERFECTLY in the slots on the basket.
Also upgraded:

  • VP pedals with metal spikes instead of plastic platforms
  • Wider Map / Aherne bars
  • Ergon grips
  • Replaced rear plastic fender with 27.5 ALX
  • Spray painted all stays black
  • Red shift/brake housing I had in the parts bin.

Bike is now ready to accept Grin Tech motor, battery & controller. Cyclefab is making me two modified shaft collars (identical to the one used for the platform clamp) that I can use to attach the battery to the downtube in a more secure way than the water bottle bosses. Trying to decide if I will mount it upside down below the DT or above it inside the main triangle.


Glared at the double on my Rip 9 for managing to have a low gear that’s too low but also a big ring that’s too tall. Ordered cheap Amazon 30t narrow wide for tinkering.


This bike is good

and you should feel good


Unbent the brackets on my front ALX on the day ruiner that hold the fender to the stays that got all bendy from being crammed in the back of my Fit.
Fixed another example of my idiocy, totally wasn’t paying attention when wiring up my front light to the SP hub and just put the wires in and then bent them around on the outside. Turns out their lego is multi-piece like the Shimano one, but since both pieces are the same color, my brain didn’t even think about it.


Swapped the 27.5 3.0’s on my Big Honzo for 2.8’s and the bike really came alive. Also picked up some Ergon fat grips and my big hands are much happier for it.


replaced the stolen chairpole + chair on sup’s bike:

still need some theft protection for it now though


New dangler, again.
Even tho I have 10s shifter + cassette, got the 11s m7000 and it works great. Much nice redesign since the m6000.


Finally turned the Wolverine into the ultimate Fop Chariot. Did the brakes, fenders and rack.
After half a year of chasing parts trying to turn it into some kind of rando nerd bike
(Thanks to Morgan’s IG page -I mean what naive bike person wouldn’t want to try and emulate this:

I’m finally happy with it in this form. Hope my mate finds it better than their Linus which got stolen.