What did you do to your crosscheck today?

I broke my ankle doing that in 2014

TT position in my 55x11 gear on 20" wheels

veered across multiple lanes, straight through the curb, across the sidewalk, up a flight of concrete steps, and flipped over the central stair railing


Has anything more desperately cried out for Yakity Sax


I roached the seat clamp from too much dithering.


Or not enough dithering?

This color makes me so jealous

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Ha! I feel the same about yours!

simple solution- send them both to me and one of you gets a bike that’s the color you wanted


I had the Nudebeach equivalent folding box, but it was noisy as hell whenever I hit a bump. I got the solid version and even though it can’t fold flat, I prefer it.

I cut some convoluted foam for the bottom which makes it almost silent now, too.

what kind of foam situation did you use? i’ve got some ~1” thick closed cell foam because work provides near limitless supply (though it is now 4 hours away) and i figured i could always just throw it out if i needed.

bigant is solid/thick enough that it doesn’t make much rattle. stuff in the bottom does but the bonus of having the thick foam bottom is i can keep stuff under it- currently have my pump and the allen key for the wheels in there

We bought a bunch for photo gear boxes and had some stuff we used for the kids left over. If you’ve seen what Pelican case lids come with, it’s real similar.

I hung some parts on @Wesbarf 's Poprad to get a shopping list for Kid Biek V4.

The Tektro wet brake I had on the old dirt jumper has enough hose; I’m just going to get a matching front brake. Anyone have any tips for running hose where cablestops are?


Sporked it. Need to clean up the housing probably re cable half of it.


i see you were serious that tang persuasion is your middle name


Why do U have any other bikes? That one looks perfect and do-all


What else would I fill my living room with?


Yoooooo that setback


Put some flat pedals on the trek. Feeling conflicted.

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New headset didn’t fix the headset coming loose problem. :colbert: good news is I don’t think it’s the frame because the cups had resistance going in.

Star nut slipping?

Carbon steerer, so it has a compression plug. It’s a profile 1" carbon steerer fork. I’ll check on a different compression plug.

Didn’t change crown race when changing the headset. Lower bearing and race seemed to both 45*, but going to check it incase.

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