What did you do to your crosscheck today?

I’m thinking regular V’s, getting 20x2.25 tires so will need to clear

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It has a separate hanger

I gotta message you about some other parts but if you’re looking around I need some mini vs

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Huzzah! My warranty road frame and fork from Marino finally arrived (promised 8-10 weeks for replacement, actually took 46 weeks excluding shipping time).

Holdup- The fork thru-axle is 15mm and not the 12mm I requested. Am I expecting too much from an 80 dollar custom fork? The saga continues.


probably should just be happy that its the only thing wrong with the fork. it could have 700x22 clearance or three legs or some shit.


I got a staple in my front rene. fixed the tube with a patch. pumped it back up.

Do you have Marino stories?

not not really. just that marino gonna marino. its so gosh darn cheap that you cant help but laugh, even as the consumer.


I think I would just get one of those 15-12 adapters and call it a day.


Was wondering if these existed when I read the original post.

Yeah; I am pretty resigned to just fixing what I can and moving on. The political situation in Peru doesn’t look optimal for doing business.

They do. We had a bunch made for V1 Hunter Gatherer forks. The guy that makes them is very open to semi-custom variants if you fork is funky too.

Do you have any recommendations for adapters? JJBP fork conversion kits returns the most google hits. My fork dropouts are 10mm (unthreaded side) and 13mm (threaded side).

That’s the guy. They work great.

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It’s Marino Day on Tarck

feat. My Messy Bike Dungeon

Time for frame saver and ride wrap


that looks dope!

but what is this waterbear?

Everything and…

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It’s a utility sink that my wife wants to put in the laundry area. She found it at ReStore.

Should have ordered the tubes at the same time but she cute or whatever

20x2.25 fits nicely


That looks fun.
Re: v-brakes. Don’t wait up for me, whatever I have is apparently buried/not ready to ship at all. Sorry.