What did you do to your crosscheck today?

I finally bought the adjustable dropouts for my Timberjack because I have a strange desire to race it SS in a local XC series.


Been having dropper issues so I put the old purple nurple back on for a bit.


Srams 10 speed road shifters talks real well to sram mtb 10 speed danglers. Or a tail hook lengthener could let you use a way bigger cassette with the existing road dangler.

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I don’t know why i said 1x9 when it’s 1x10 lol.

I will look into this

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essentially all exact actuation plays nice together. that means your 10s shifters will make 11s road stuff shift 10 cogs just fine. 11s will make mtb 10 shift 11 cogs just fine.

not to be confused with the entirely different product with very clearly different name, x-actuation

I finally decided to try a wider set of drop bars having only used 42cm Salsa Cowbell 3s for a looong time. I found these 44cm Bontrager jawns at Recycled Cycles for $25 and thought the shape looked interesting

Going to take them for a spin tomorrow


This morning I got the Marino tuned for the Super D race tomorrow. I hope the seatpost doesn’t slip on the mile long climb. I should probably get one of those KCNC clamps on order.

I put new tires on the Hatchet, too. Competitive Cyclist was having a sale on Vittoria tires, so I jumped on some Terreno Zeros in the 35 sizeway. I had to retape the rear rim since the old tape came off with the tire.



Put new brake pads on the Sam yesterday and did a bar swap (Dimension urban riser → VO Milan) today because I was bored and was pretty meh about the Dimensions. They also looked dumb atmo.

Put on the tires, random stem, these bars ain’t gonna cut it long term. Should be ready for a first spin this week.

Fighting upgrade fever after seeing how nice my son’s fork and headset feels. If I find a 99 hardrock they have the 1 1/8 fork and I can swap everything over.


is what that bike really needs.


Lol I never carry enough for that

right. where would you put it?



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Little rubber o ring that keeps the b limit screw in place broke on my 10 speed GX dangler. Bought a replacement kit and broke the o ring installing it. Spent $32 on a Deore dangler instead of spending $12 on another b bolt kit. It’ll fit a 11-46 cassette so I’m calling it an upgrade.


My potential fun is being ruined:

For some reason under torque it feels like the chain is jumping teeth. I thought the issue was the budget chain I had installed but I now swapped in a sram chain. Still jumping in the high gears. Would this be a worn cassette maybe?

hard to tell from a phone pic, but it kinda looks like you’ve got some of the “folding over” typical of worn cassettes. take your fingernail and scrape from right to left. if it is snagging in those places your shit is likely spanked.

that said, new chain on old cassette skipping is almost 100% a sign of cassette wear being too great


Toss a new cassette on there!

VO has clearance cassette, or they did yesterday. I bought two to hoard.

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Loaded my basket with my lunch bag, boonie hat, jacket, a chair, tarp, hammock, DIY headset press and a Costco blanket and rode home. Baskets are awesome.