Where the hell is the kit thread?!?

This is a tread for the discussion bicycle specific clothing items.

Having been severely disappointed by the durability of the Hand Up gloves, I picked up a pair from The Black Bibs. Similar to my Black Bibs bibs, the materials and construction seem top notch. I’ve only worn them for one day of work so far but I loved every minute on it.
I’m gonna give them a couple more weeks of daily use and then I’ll report back again in this thread.

The padding is so minimal as to be inconsequential and the XL fits my meathooks flawlessly.

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There was this one:




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Interested in some athletic underwear. Best I’ve used is some briefs made from a breathable cotton blend.

With some running short shorts it’s pretty good.

Interested in hearing how they work out. I’ve been wanting something minimally padded (and maybe better fit) than my current stash of PI gloves. In case I ever ride a bike again.

I’m curious…but not curious enough to buy these shorts Riv was talking up in a previous newsletter:

I’m sure this info is available elsewhere, but let’s say a fellow is pretty comfortable in Verge XLs and wants the Black Bibs experience. What size should that gentleman try first?

I got an L but kinda wish I got an XL black bib. The L works but it’s pretty dang tight.

The XL jersey that I got from them fits weird too. The torso is just right but the arms are baggy. I usually have the opposite problem with cycling jerseys, torso fits fine but arms cut for dudes who’ve never lifted anything heavier than a Cervelo.

But what do you wear in other brands?
In general I can fit smaller bibs than jerseys.
By the time most makers can get the jersey around my, um, trunk, they have sized the arms big enough that it’s not a problem. If only proper kit wasn’t so much better for long distance comfort, I could save the locals a lot of eye damage. C’est la vie.

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XL on black bibs bibs would be safe

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The only other bibs I have are the og Tarck ones and some ibex wool ones. And some gore thermals that I have yet to wear. All are size L except the gore which are xl but fit like an L.

Uh… You want my old XLs? They’re in good shape, just don’t fit. I’ve one of their standards ones, an ultra, and a thermal knicker. Thermal jerzey as well.

They’re all in a bag to be donated.

LOL sure!

DM your address, hopefully you get 'em before winter.