Where's the dumb questions thread?


I have two other sram cranksets laying around. I figured if I could remove the retaining ring I could pull their self-extracting bolt and use it on the fucked set. I tried my little wrench combo on them and was just marring the surface, not getting any purchase or any chance of removing the retaining ring.

I tried pb blaster on the stuck set. I tried heat to break the green loctite on the still-intact retaining rings on the other cranksets. Nothing.

But on the plus side I think this means this crankset is actually still good with the purchase of a new $10 self extracting bolt. And I’m hella broke right now so an extra Red crankset laying around is pretty choice.


I might have a 16mm Allen at the shop… In Berkeley. The Bart ticket will probably be as much as buying one on Amazon though.


I have a chiropractor appointment tomorrow morning so after that I should be good to walk to my shop. Tried to make it today but it just wasn’t happening. Thank you though.


Hey Brian, if I want to stick magnetic bbs in my bolt heads, should I buy 5mm balls for M5 bolts and 4mm balls for M4 bolts?


M5 is the thread diameter and pitch, I’m assuming the magnet size will depend on the size of the bolt head.




So if the bolt takes a 5mm allen wrench, it’ll take a 5mm ball.


Normally, a metric socket cap screw will take the allen wrench one size down from the screw size. And a button-head(and flat head) socket cap screw will take the allen wrench that is two sizes down.

i.e. 6mm socket cap screw takes a 5mm allen wrench. 5mm screw takes 4 allen. 4mm screw takes 3 allen.

6mm button head takes 4mm allen wrench. 5mm screw takes 3mm allen.

This is why button head screws, though low profile, can be annoying because the 5mm used for bottle cages, fenders, racks, etc. all take a tiny 3mm allen that is easily rounded out especially in stainless steel.

HOWEVER on bicycles there are often screws that the manufacturer has specifically sourced that do not follow this. For example lots of stems have these screws that are rounded sort of like a button head, but maintain the larger tool size of a typical socket cap.


Also, reminder that these exist:

Probably picking some up for my future MimeBike Commuter


Well I already have some of those, but carrying a special tool is annoying.


Wouldn’t you need to carry a neodymium magnet (special tool) to pull the buckeyball in the event of a bolt unexpectedly loosening?


I also have a bunch of those bicyclebolts. I found the tolerance between tool and part to be too loose my my liking. I was always waiting for it to strip out. I got those about 2-3 years ago and just recently my friend said he’s been using his the whole time (we bought them bulk together) and while he noticed the slop he hasn’t had any strip out on him. And he takes apart his bike like once a week on average.

Just my two cents. I like the magnet thingy because I keep one magnet hidden on my bike and it can ‘unlock’ all the bolts instead of carrying 3 different sized specialty tools. I keep magnets in my wheel bolts (phil wood), seatpost clamp, and stemcap.


Per Shortpants’ earlier recommendation, I believe you just leave the stronger removal magnet hidden up on top of your seat post, so you always have it.


Ah, totally forgot that you would need more than one tool for an entire bike.


I use old bearings stuck into the bolt head with a bit of beeswax. I keep a safety pin or two on the bike to pop 'em out. Magnets are a lot cooler, but if you’re like me, you already have a pile of random old bearings.


Just use beeswax with iron fillings mixed in, best of both worlds


does grant sell that?


Yes, but it’s always out of stock…


Transferred all parts from my 50cm v.2.1 Wolverine to the H/G, my LBS just started selling a bunch of V 2.1’s on clearance so if I sell it I’m going to get a low return. What should I do with my frame? 1x11 flat bar basket lyfe commuter? Sell it anyways? Put some roadie parts on it? I’ve only had it for a year.


Sell it at a loss/give it away to someone who will appreciate it.