You're gunna hurt yourself: Carry Shit Olympics (aka the Cargo Bike thread)

We’re Big Tech now

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Tarck: 99% shitposting 1% unique, valuable information you’ll have a hard time finding anywhere else.

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It was as I who obtained the bullitt box from the german bike shop.

It is good, but there is an equivalent box of that type that splendid sells now

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The base from a wheel barrow and a stretchy net over top?

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This one?

We test rode one one of these ^^^ and found the wood rattled around quite a bit no matter how tight the straps were.

We got this one and it’s been great

But shipping would probably be a nightmare. I imagine you could show those pictures to most sheet metal shops and they could come up with something similar.

That thing looks amazing.
Shipping from portland for the badger box was like $90 iirc. Not too cray for such a huge package.

I added a hand grenade pouch for snacks and stuff. It’s a hit! I think I’ll mount a loony bin or something for his bevies.

Also, the dynamo is intriguing and is the reason he always shows up to school with filthy hands.


Yes , it’s a but squeaky and creaky, and actually doesn’t fit together quite right. I think they did a second version that is a bit better tolerances.

Main reason for going this route was to be able to take the sides off to haul bulky things.

They shipped it packed flat so the charges weren’t terrible, it ended up being comparably priced to one of the other boxes that Splendid could supply.

May have to take sides off on a regular basis so my children can have some more leg room


So y’all keep posting boxes but the thing I’m thinking of wasn’t something you could buy, exactly. It was an open source set of specs that were supposed to download and use on a local laser cutter.

No real need to get to the bottom of this, I’m just mad because I thought it was cool and I have no idea how to relocate it (and also concerned this is a Mandela effect thing lol)

I remember it being plans to cut out your own ratchet strap box.

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