You're gunna hurt yourself: Carry Shit Olympics (aka the Cargo Bike thread)

Nut Arck needs a Cargo bike thread.

Yo Dawg, today I transported a folding crate on top of a folding crate.

Cyclefab CycleTruck by Andrew Squirrel, on Flickr


can we get a rehash of your build details?

Couple photos of assembly:

Copying from Google Docs so forgive the formatting.
This isn’t the full parts list but all the new purchases.

Motor / Rim / Spokes / Tire eZee V2 (350RPM) Front Hub Motor in 20" Rim with 1.75" Tire
Motor Controller Grin Tech Phaserunner (Clear Epoxy Version)
Heads-up Display CA3-DPS V3 Cycle Analyst: V3 Direct Plug-in Cycle Analyst with Speedometer Pickup, for Geared and Mid-Drive Motors
BB Cartridge Torque Sensor Sempu Torque Sensing Bottom Bracket, 122.5mm Spindle
Throttle T-Lever
CA Aux Range Switch CA3_DAux_Slim
Torque Arm Torque Arm Version 2
eBrake Cutoff Switch/Lever EbrakeWuxD Left and Right Levers for V-Brake Black 50cm
Battery B3623_LiM_DT
36V 23.5Ah (846 WH) Downtube Battery with Li-ion Panasonic GA Cells (3.7V 3500mAh 10A), 40A BMS, no charger.
Battery Charger Cycle Satiator 48V 8A
New Sq Taper Crank Shimano FC-M391 Mountain BIcycle Acera 9 speed Crankset 48/36/26 170mm Black
Chain Shimano CN-HG93 Ultegra/XT Chain 9 speed
Cassette Sram PG-950 Cassette 11-32t 9 speed
Shifters Shimano SL-M590 Deore Shifters 3x9
Front Derailleur Shimano FD-M591 Deore Triple Front Derailleur - 3 x 9 Speed
Rear Derailleur SGS M592 Long Cage Shadow Version (Black)
Pedals VP Vice Pedals (Red)
Crate BigAnt Foldable Crate Medium (Red)
Grips Ergon GE1 Evo Grips (Red)
Cargo Nets Yescom 15"x15" to 30"x30" Cargo Net 6 Adjustable Hooks

Man you really have a thing for those crates.

School run. Spicy curry is awesome.


Did mechanical support for one of the Philly -> Shore charity rides on the Bullitt. Put in 60+ miles on it, which is about 4x more than I ever had previously. Both the bike and me handled it pretty well though, so this may be a thing to continue doing.

Somehow managed to not take any reasonable photos so here’s one for the 8 miles that I got to ride in the bed of a truck trying to keep the bike from flying out the back plus what crossing the bridge with a bike after walking up 2 flights of stairs looks like…

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WTF, how do you carry that bike up stairs? I can barely handle the Cycletruck center of gravity

Dude you’re a beast. I’ve carried my bullit up a couple flights of stairs and pretty regularly have to haul it up a 4 set so I know my position and carry pretty well. I’d have gotten to the 8 flights and just gone home.

Forgot to mention I had someone with me to help carry it! Could never do that by myself.

Put me the “give up and go home” camp on Bullitt carrying. Y’all have some nice cargo bikes!

Here’s my bullitt knockoff. Honestly I would commute on this every day if I didn’t have to schlep it up and down a short basement staircase each time. I have to use a big plank to roll it up the stairs and then just muscle it back down. Still need a better platform than this scrap wood, and a better crate than this cracked and janky tupperware, but damn if it doesn’t carry a ton of shit from point a to b.


HY Big Pink made it to nütarck!

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Boy I’m gonna come to your house and build a shed with you.

Looks like I’m getting a Supermarche this fall. I wanted a Bullitt, but someone from the company talked me out of it, on the grounds that they are no good for someone who’s as tall as I am.

The Edgerunner has been fine as a kid and groceries bike, but I’m looking forward to being able to enclose my kind in a rain canopy during the winter.

In researching cargo bikes, I found this, which is going to make for some awesome rides to school:


Going to do some Bullitt testing after the holiday. What’s the tarriff situation with Shimano steps, is it made in Taiwan and not subject ?

Just the phrase, “as tall as I am” tells me you are too tall for a bullit. I will argue for them above any cargo biek till the day I die but the one thing I have to admit is that it’s shit for anyone above 6’.

How bad is the supermarche for someone that’s like 5’7" now that we have kiddo we’ve talked about getting a cargo bike but haven’t really done any research on anything yet.

You’d think that a company based in Denmark, which has some of the tallest average people in the world, would make bikes that fit tall people…

The Supermarche claims to fit people from 4’9" to 6’5", which, sure. It looks as if its the only option for a longjohn that might fit me and doesn’t cost a bajillion dollars. at 5’7", you should be in prime fit territory.

In doing research on this, I came across this number from Bilenky: Omnium style cargo platform on top of a 20" wheel, in front of the rider.

I’m glad I read this.

I’m just shy of 6’2", Bullitt seems to work ok here?