You're gunna hurt yourself: Carry Shit Olympics (aka the Cargo Bike thread)

god i wish my parents would do that.

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It’s a Herculean task! They’ve accumulated SO MUCH STUFF over the fifty years they’ve lived there!

It really is. My grandparents accumulated so much stuff in the 60 years they lived in their house. Very grateful to my mom that she started going though her stuff after we cleaned out their house.

Yeah not looking forward to helping my parents move all their stuff from Delaware to Seattle area in the coming year or so.

That’s a hell of a move. When you’re in Delaware let me know.

we’re gonna need a bigger cargo bike…


Need onea them self propelled Carla trailers!

Also, check out this TAF lil cutie!

Looks like a DIY(?) Omnium!

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I want a bullitt that fits a Rubbermaid bin sideways.

I want the shorter wheelbase

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I lost my mind a little a couple summers ago and emptied my dad’s garage into the driveway. We kept like 10%, built new shelves and chucked the rest. He was totally on board so it was kinda fun.

Getting rid of Mom’s years of magazines and “keepsakes” was A LOT more work and much less fun. My brother has since emptied her shit from the shed.


Found a shady corner of the front yard and I’m finally gonna get to grow a perennial fern garden. I’ve always wanted to have a dense patch of ferns. I love ferns.


I have major anxiety about having to do this at some point

I really enjoyed having this huge chair on the beach today but I need something smaller, this is ridiculous.


Rudy, should I buy this?

You should definitely buy it!

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Not this $300 yeti jawn?

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it’s only ~9 lbs heavier!


I don’t think it was a serious suggestion but that Yeti chair is very comfortable but stupidly massive. I think I did the measurements one time, and it won’t fit in the cargo area of my old CRV with the seats up. It’s even more specifically designed for the brodozer crowd than most Yeti stuff, which is a feat

I wanted the other Yeti chair super bad after sitting in one, but then I discovered the King Kong accordion chair and was happy to save the money

Jason Momoa Folding Lawn Chair GIFfrom Jason Momoa GIFs