You're gunna hurt yourself: Carry Shit Olympics (aka the Cargo Bike thread)

I’m gonna dynamo the cargoMerckx, anything I need to think about before I buy bits?

Which hub? The tiny SP?

What rim? I don’t need machined brake track. Tubeless?

Do I need a bunch of spokes or is 28-32 enough?

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i think rusty did some alienation thing with an irc tire.

32 spokes is plenty atmo

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Correct. This rim rules:

And this tire also rules:

I’ve had zero problems with this setup. It’s bomber.

32h is fine but 36h is more fine but presents some availability issues depending on your requirements.

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In 406 sized rims it’s probably best to pick the rim first since that will likely drive the spoke count. At least here in capitalist hell hole land 36H is the most common for that size.

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Hub doesnt really matter, but definitely tubeless the rim!

I have both a Velocity Cliffhanger and Sun Ringle Duroc in 20" tubeless ways. They’re both fine.

The Odyssey Super Circuit 20 x 2.4 tubelesses great and is supple AF, though I don’t think they actually call it tubeless. Having the biggest tire you can squeeze in is great for the cargo fork ATMO. The guy I bought it from was running a 2.8 with room to spare, but I don’t think there are any decent tires in that size anymore.

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The REI babby cargo bikes are on sale again, this time with a DISCONTINUED notice. I wonder if that means a new version is coming soon

there are like a dozen of these in my local REI. i don’t understand what they’ve done or how this has happened to them. who is the product manager on these REI ebikes??

it seems competitive with radpower level bikes, but I didn’t really know about them until they were already on closeout and maybe the spec vs pricepoint wasn’t right for REI customers. they also don’t have a class 2 mid drive model for performance buyers and to make this one feel like more of a value at msrp, but at just over a bong this feels like a good deal

I don’t get it either. I guess they over-purchased after the lessons of 2020 and now they’re flush with ebikes no one is chomping at the bit to buy? Nothing about these bikes is really appealing beyond the sub-bong starting price.

I attempted to tubeless a powerblock on a 20” rhynolite with a vittoria airliner for my clyde. It worked — for a bit. Then I was out of town for a few weeks, it lost air, broke the bead seal and I could never get it to seat again.

Anyway — consider the foam insert! It road great while it lasted

Check that front cargo

From Hunt 1000 Rig list

I guess they need a lot of protein on their ride.


(un)aero gains

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Does this rack make my bag look small?
This Carridice holds everything I need daily just fine but I’m lusting after one of these ILE jawns… Porteur Rackbag - INSIDE LINE EQUIPMENT


I had that bag for a while and didn’t like it much. It has too much going on with straps and flaps and was annoying to use atmo. I much prefer my Dark Realm rolltop.

I’m pretty sure the roll top bag I aquired from @jimmythefly is the dark realm bag and it’s great.

Edit: oh it’s an ILE

I got one of those from someone on here and it’s pretty cool. But Rusty is right about lots of straps. I feel like it works great for certain racks. It was a little bit of a pain with a wald basket.

Double check, I thought it was the ILE? I got it from Rusty.

Actually I think you’re right. All the branding has been removed so it’s hard to tell. It does have a lot of straps but they’re all useful ATMO.

Are you using that in a basket or on a flat rack? The footprint of the big ILE complements my rack pretty well. Xtracycle makes a bag specifically for the rack but it involves 3 velcro attachments and I aint fuckin with all that.

edit: edit found them, not sure how great it’d work without a basket??