New Nu Member Thread

Your first post goes here.

Hello, welcome to tarck.
Please give a basic intro for yourself, post a bike picture, talk about what kind of riding you are into, what brought you here, and anything else you’d like us to know.

This forum is about being friends. That’s the motto. A lot of people have been posting here for over a decade. There are many other new members as well. It is a close knit group.


woo heyoo tarck forum!

I’m @featherduster ak-offline as Bennies

this is my 1994 Bridgestone RB-T in it’s 68th iteration. Circa 2011 I lowballed a guy on eBay for the frame and fork, the same week I read about Grant Petersen, seller agreed on the condition that I come pick it up in person, shake his hand and send him a photograph or two as I built it up and rode it.

I met @Crustradamus riding it on upstate NY gravel rides by way of vsalad. I had the now defunct Coarse Fabrication move the canti posts out to 80mm c-to-c. I won the 2014 Nittany Lion Cyclocross Cat 5 race on it. I had the legendary Orc build me a matching fork & rack (not pictured here). I had a full frame bag from Gurp Stitchwork built for the main triangle. Does everything from commuter duty to bicycle camping for me. Everyone says I should get a disc brake gravel bike but I love this bike and will ride it till it’s broken.

currently it’s in pieces hanging on my wall while I wait for Chris Sallen to build me a replacement fork (in queue this week), but I’m super excited to put it back together for it’s 69th iteration this spring and get back to sklonkin’ around NYC and environs on my neo retro gravel groaner


Hello feather duster welcome to you and your bike are great everything is great and perfect.


Let’s see them custom metal and fabric works

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Hello, I’m Rusty and this is my bike.


hi im bicycle pears and i work for all city. heres my bike

this thread already sucks. nuke this and nuke the actual new person thread.


Let’s all dig up our original new person bike post and repost in this thread (but be nice this time)

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Who has the Olmo? I think I had that built up when I joined.

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is this where I post after my vasectomy?


@BEEutiful_Wednesday_DDS has the Olmo


Post it. Then everyone pretend it has Campy pista parts, drop bars, and probably a selle San Marco.

I hope that bike satisfactorily meets your expectations

First post.

Followed by proper posting of bikes:

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don’t really miss this bike, but I can draw a pretty straight line from how I built bikes 14 years ago to now.


Hi I’m Micah. This is my dog Handsome Doug.

I’m watching John Wick.

The first time I posted my bike y’all hoped I would snap and rage quit.

Handsome Doug says hi.


That bike was great. I loved that stupid thing and rode it a lot even though it was way too big.

And a paint matched carbon fork which broke after being clipped by something sticking off a landscaping trailer.


Oh yeah, I crashed real hard on Lincoln Avenue under the L tracks.

Hi everyone this was my second post on tarck:

Followed shortly by this:


love you all