To hoard is human, to dither divine. Jimmy's big selling stuff thread.

This will take me a bit to update and add all pics, but gotta start somewhere!

I am travelling near-ish to Portland the weekend of the 8th if someone wants to rendezvous for something.

  1. Note some of this stuff is quite buried in the bike pile, happy to get additional pics or measurements but it may take a day or so.
  2. Shipping likewise will not be fast (unless you really need it or something).
  1. Parts shown installed are for sale separately or in combo with framesets. I’ll add a separate posting for parts once I get them organized and pictures.
  1. Seat tube measurements are c-c actual. Top tube measurements are horizontal/virtual c-c.

Griffon frame/fork/headset. 56cmtt x 56cm st. 1978, built by Jim Holly in Santa Monica, CA. Clears 700x32s easy. God I wish this had fender eyelets.

Paint on TT does not appear to be covering a dent or other damage, maybe rust or some other finish issue?
Rear brake bridge hole is slightly enlarged on the back side, would still work with a nutted caliper but seems like someone started to drill it for recessed but didn’t finish the job.

Jim is located in NZ now and kindly responded to my email.

That is an old one. It has the waterslide decals with the “G” h/t
design I used before I went to solvent transfers.

If my records are correct, it is a 57cm frame built with Columbus SP
chainstays and possibly the downtube as well. Don’t have many details
(order sheets not at hand) but other frames built around the same time
had Vagner fork crowns, possibly the ETDL model. I was using Prugnat
“S” type long point lugs around then, and I usually filled in the
seatlug binder area. Those may be hand-cut seatstay tops; I went to
solid plugs a little later. Campag 1010B d/o’s, with the holes for the
integrated chain hanger no one ever used!

I have a date of Oct 16, 1978. Not sure if that’s delivery or the deposit date.

It is probably silver-soldered, so if you strip it all the way down
you may want to pour boiling water down the tubes, dry them out, and
put some more Framesaver in. Any spray lube heavier than WD-40 will
do. If there’s any residual flux it can attract moisture and rust the
insides of the tubes.

Thanks for contacting me, and I hope you enjoy the ride!

Jim Holly
Christchurch NZ

$250 frame/fork/(noname tange I think) headset.

Lemond Maillot Jaune frame/fork. 55stx56tt Reynolds 853. 1" threaded steerer.
$50 frame/fork only. Campy headset, BB, Thompson post negotiable.

Vortex 26er sw8 vintage MTB. Roughly 20-22" sorry forget exactly. “Vortex” sticker appears original, frame says made in Taiwan and has a Tange MTB double-butted cro-mo tubing sticker. Overall my feeling from handling it is it certainly isn’t gaspipe but I don’t know what it is. 1" threaded steerer.
$40 frame/fork/headset as pictured.

Specialized Rockhopper frameset 20.5" st x 23.5"tt
LX cranks, brakes, dangler, hubs. Replacement bullshit levers/shifters you don’t want. Stem not original. Bars are.
$80 frame/fork/headset. Other parts negotiable for cheap.

Balance AL-550 frame + seatpost. 17"c-c st x 23"-ish tt. For 1-1/8" fork.
(I have pics of it built up if you want to see).

CC.ONIX SS frame. Steel, made by Fort in Czech Republic. 15"st x 21.5" tt. 1-1/8" fork. 135 spaced rear.
$20 frame/seatpost clamp only.

Unknown sw8 track frame. 45cm st x 53cm tt.
Built by someone in Eugene according to former owner. Clearance for 28s. Weird paint at the track ends and BB is not covering damage as far as I can tell, just weird owner choices. Downtube reinforcements who knows why I presume covering a dent? I think the frame is stainless steel. Fork is 1" threadless chromed Soma. Honestly not sure why I’m listing it but maybe one of you wants an oddball project or trainer bike.
$20 frame/fork/headset only.

Kona Humuhumunukunukuapua’a. frameset. for 26" wheels. Actual model is a “Humu 8”. Note no rear brake bosses, this came with an 8sp IGH rear with coaster brake. Frame has braze-ons for that cable routing. Front for canti brake. Rear is spaced wider than standard coaster brake wheelsets (forgot to measure but it’s 130 or 135ish).
$80 frame/fork/headset.

Surly Crosscheck frameset. 46cm size. 45cm st x 52 cm ish tt. 1-1/8" fork. For 700c.
$50 as shown.

Gary Fisher ProCaliber frames. MUSA carpet fiber. 14" st x 21.5" tt.
$10 frameset.

1938ish Elgin. OG skip-tooth drivetrain. Rides fine though coaster brake could probably use a service. Original finned hub shells, most other parts look original though missing front light. I have a set of truss rods that are non-original that are included for the price. Bars have perhaps been painted, not sure about the rest, pretty sure seat isn’t original either.
Shipping would be expensive but listing here for completeness or if someone wants to pick it up.
$150 as it sits.

SOLD Sundeal minivelo partial. I don’t even know how to post this, depends on how much of a project you want and how much of my special snowflake/bodged parts you care about.

CAUTION! Rivnuts inserted into inner fork legs by me! Seemed plenty thick aluminum but just want to give a heads up. For some this is a nice bonus for front rackability.

s$100 frame/fork/wheels/tires (Tioga Powerblock)/original long stem spacer(not pictured).
$50 bling-yet-cheap ebay special gold headset, post clamp, rotors, pedals.
$30 trimmed and re-radiused velo orange fenders.
$50 Bombtrack front rack with custom/bodged Ortlieb struts and hardware.
$40 Gusset Lofty XXL 450mm long 27.2 seatpost.
$10 Shimano 130bcd triple crank with 56T SRAM chainring with black vinyl covering the awful graphics. I recall the BB wasn’t a perfect fit, like I used a MTB BB with the triple crank and futzed with spacers but it all works out, just want to be clear about it.
$00 cheap/free basic headset, bars, stem, post and I probably have the original crankset. I think I have the original Alivio dangler and shifter too. (Will have to wait for parts for sale post later.)
$NFS XT dangler, cassette, shifter, brakes, levers.

Haro dirt jumper. Complete as pictured (or will part out if you want). Rockshox arglye fork. Deity stem, RaceFace bars, Syncros headset, Atomlab wheels, etc. Cranks are totally loose on the BB spindle and presumed junk. Brake lever goes to the bar.
$250 as pictured.


UPDATE1 These are suggested prices, I haven’t been shopping recently so happy to adjust if I’m off base. Wheels, bars, seatposts, stems to be added later today.

I have closer individual pics or can take them of everything but didn’t want to blow up this single post too much.





$20 Gold ebay specials. (if someone wants them with the Sundeal that person has dibs).SOLD
$25 VP Vice Well loved. Spin fine with seal drag and some bearing wear.
$25 VP-001. Well loved. Spin fine with seal drag and perhaps some bearing not-perfectness.
$40 Wellgo B-37. Very nice shape, near new.
$80 Pedaling Innovations Catalyst pedals. Great shape.SOLD
$30 Suntour XC II. Pretty beat up, some bearing rumble but spin OK I’d ride em.
$5 black aluminum with molded pins. Rumbly bearings but ok for beater lunch bike.
$15 M540 clipless (silver bodies/black axles). (pic3) Spin nice.
$free red wellgo clipless (pic3)

$20 LX 94bcd sq. taper black w/sliver rings from Rockhopper. (presumed 175mm but need to check)
$20 LX 94bcd sq. taper silver w/black rings from Procaliber. (UPDATE 170mm)
$60 Dura-Ace FC-7600 175mm 144bcd sq. taper crankset from weird stainless SS (incl. chainring that’s I think a 46 or 48?)NLA
$25 XT M780 175 32T RaceFace N/W ring. (Pic1)
$10 XT M785 175 no spindle cap, no pinch bolts. (Pic1)
$75 XT M8120 175 30T (Pic1)
$80 SLX M700-11-B2 175 30T (Pic1)
$50 SRAM Rival 110bcd 50/34 165 arms. Includes BB in pic2. (Pic1)
$5 FSA Gossamer (ISIS) 172.5 130bcd double 53/39 (Pic1)
$free FSA Tempo (sq taper) 175 130bcd double only. (Pic1)
$10 Sundeal 170 130bcd stock ring and pants guard. 52T (Pic1)
$40 Takagi Tourney XT 175 110/74 bcd. Forged in Japan. 46/36/26 original Takagai XT rings. (note small ring mounted on spacers and recessed spindle hole so these could make a nice low-Q double) (Pic1)
$10 Shimano Ultegra 130 double octalink w/ BB. 175mm arms. (Pic1)
$20 Shimano M750 4-arm square taper (silver arms, black spider, I have rings for this somewhere). (Pic2)
$10 CPI (silver 5x110) double only, 170mm arms, with Sugino 34T ring. (Pic2)
$20 Sugino Japan 180mm arms 94/56bcd hidden bolt w/ spot 32T ring. (Pic2)SOLD
$10 Shimano T551 9sp triple (black) 170 arms. 104/64 bcd. (Pic3)
$35 Race Face black square taper 170 arms. 110/74 (but no hardware for the small ring) Currently has a clapped out silver chainring and pants guard on it. (Pic4)SOLD

If a crank above doesn’t have rings for it, I probably have some in the bin but too much to take pics and list. Please ask, especially if you are buying one of the cranks!

$50 Sid Race fork 1-1/8" from Gary Fisher Procaliber.
$60 Toseek chinacarbon full carpet fiber rigid carbon fork, Q/R. 1-1/8" straight 300mm steerer. 420mm A-C. 380mm axle center to underside of crown. 72mm wide between the legs. Stainless steel dropout faces. Post mount disc brake. Thru-hole at fork crown.
$60 Surly crosscheck 1" threadless canti fork. 208mm steerer.

$5 LX cantis, front+rear, black, from the Rockhopper.
$30 XT M750 parallel-push vbrakes. Silver. front+rear. (Pic 2)
$20 Avid SD7 vbrake w/ matchy speed-dial lever. (one wheels worth) (pic2)
$5 Gevenalle (Tektro) mini-v. (one wheels worth) (pic2)
$8 TRP mini v. (one wheels worth) (pic2)
$2 Avid 1.0 v brake. (one wheels worth) (pic2)
$10 XTR parallel-push. Missing cable pinch bolt though happy to steal one off the $2 brake above if you like. (one wheels worth)(Pic3)
$30 Avid BB7 mountain, two calipers. SOLD
$10 Dura-Ace 7800, front. single caliper.(pic2)
$5 Tektro R315 41-57 reach road caliper, silver. front recessed nut. (pic2)
$5 Tektro ?? road caliper silver. almost matches the R315 but not quite, they are sitting together in the pic. 41-57 caliper, silver. rear nutted mount or could be used on front with a recessed nut. (pic2)
$10 Acor 55-73mm long reach calipers. Silver. Pair. Note no q/r for cable tension release wtf? Nutted. V-brake style pads. (pic2 near the back)
$5 Shimano BR-1050 single pivot short reach caliper pair. Really quite beautiful. For recessed front/rear mounting.
$30 Avid Single Digit 7 v-brakes with salmon pads, noodles, etc. metallic sparkly black finish. Very clean. front+rear. (pic4)SOLD
$40 Tektro polished silver v-brakes with noodles, etc. front+rear. (pic4)

Shifters and brake levers
$30 XT M750 9sp combo brake levers+shifters. (silver body, black levers blades). Adjustable for canti or v.
$30 XT brake levers only (black body, silver lever blades). adjustable for canti or v.
$80 Sram Rival 10sp carbon levers. Road rash. Operationally A-OK.
$5 Shimano SLR canti brake levers. black w/silver blades (pic3)
$5 Promax brake levers black with silver blades (pic3 bottom corner)
$10 Altus 9sp trigger shifter, sitting near Altus derailleur, original equip. on the Sundeal. (pic3)SOLD
$30 Zee M640 10sp rear shifter. (pic3)NLA
$free Deore 9sp front shifter.
$20 SLX M660 10sp front + rear shifters (pic3)
$30 XT M780 10sp rear shifter. (pic3 lower right)SOLD
$free 105 9sp shifters (pic3 upper right)
$15 Avid v-brake levers, black, very clean. (pic4)SOLD
$20 Shimano aero road brake levers from the weird stainless fixie bike shown above.

$5 LX black RD, from the Rockhopper.
$10 SRAM Rival 10sp black. (incl matchy front derailleur) (pic2)
$5 Dura-Ace 7800 (pic3)SOLD
$5 Dura-Ace 7800 (pic3)SOLD
$5 SRAM X9 9sp. (pic3)
$10 Altus 9sp short-ish cage with big jockey wheels. Sundeal original equipment. (pic3)SOLD
$50 Zee M640 10sp RD for up to 32t big cog (online says it can go to 36 or more). Short cage. Happy to adjust if I am way off on price. (pic3)NLA
$10 XT 9sp shadow rear derailleur. (middle of pic3)SOLD
$30 XT M780 10sp rear derailleur (pic3 lower right)
$free 105 9sp rear derailleur (pic3 upper right)SOLD

Front Derailleurs
Oh god so many front derailleurs. Just ask. Take them. Please.

$60 Brake Therapy adapter to put a disc brake onto a frame with canti bosses. Note this has the (uncommon to find) spacers for use with a Q/R Shimano rear hub and instructions for installation. (there is a special thin cone and locknut that you swap onto the left side of the hub, which makes room for the special spacer. The spacer interfaces with the U-shaped cutout on the brake mount, and it all gets sandwiched to the dropout when the Q/R is tightened when the wheel is installed. So the overall wheel OLD remains correct.)

$10 Bendix red band coaster brake hub. Needs overhaul, feels totally gummed up. (pic1)
$30 Shimano bashguard. 4x104bcd for up to 34T chainring. Brand new, includes chainring bolts and specific spacers for use with this bash guard. (pic2)
$80 Chris King headset w/ 2 spacers. Complete with base plate. Anno red. 1-1/8". Excellent shape. (am I way ff on price on this?)
$5 Lizard Skins jumbo 29er chainstay guard. (pic4)
$20 Shimano XTR M950 8sp cassette. Used, lotsa life left to my eye. 12-32 (Pic2)SOLD
$10 old school GT koozie.
$20 Fidlock water bottles+mounts (both bottles). Very cool, but I never used them.

$100 White Industries ENO. 700c rim, lots of brake track left. 16T Shimano freewhweel. Rim is branded PAV One. Includes 700x32 tire as shown.

$40 Shimano WH-RS010 rim brake 700c wheelset. HG freehub. Black. With tires.

$10 Dura-Ace 7800 to black open pro 700c. front wheel only.

$60Ultegra 6500 to what I believe are 700c Open-Pro rims. (welded, eyeletted).

$60 XT to Mavic X517 rim brake 26er wheelset with tires if you want.

$20 Coaster brake wheelset. Joytech hubs, aluminum rims. w/ tires.

$50 700c Velocity fixed/free (currently fixed) wheelset black, shown on the weird stainless singlespeed bike above.
$40 Mismatched 26er singlespeed wheelset from the cc.onix. Rear hub is 135 spaced Surly 1x1 freewheel hub.

$10 XT M750 era skewers front+rear(pic2)
$10 XT M750 era skewers front+rear (second set)(pic3)

$200 Campy silver 9sp Chorus. Shifters, derailleurs, cassette, brakes, wheels, headset, BB. With used chain if you want it. Has been dibsed but pending.SOLD

Record(?) hubs to Mavic Open Pro.SOLD

SRAM Rival 10sp black shifters/derailleurs/165 compact crankset/BB see above, make offer on all.

Shimano XT M750 9speed shifters/brake levers/v-brakes/crankset see above. I have a front derailleur for sure and I swear I had a rear derailleur for this somewhere but can’t find it at the moment. Make offer on the group if you want it all!

Shimano XTR M960 dual-control shifter/brakes combo levers, hydraulic brakes, crankset, wheelset (Mavic rims). SOLD to the Juge.

Probably some stuff bought from people on here lol.

$20 Topeak Ratchet Rocket Lite DX (pic4)SOLD
$20 Blackburn Big Switch Ratchet(pic4)SOLD
$20 Mineral Mini-Bar(pic4)SOLD
$20 Topeak Ninja 16+(pic4)SOLD
$40 Topeak Gravel Gear Bag with tools. (pic4)
$35 Topeak Ninja Cage + Toolbox PT30 tool.(pic4)
$25 Silca Italian Army Knife Venti (pic4)NOPE broke it in my hand.

$20 pair of Specialized Turbo Pro 700x30 (pic4) EDITED: 700x30 is correct
$20 pair of 26" Kenda small block 8. One is 26x1.95, the other is 26x2.10. (pic4)
$50 pair of Donnely Strada USH 50x650b 120tpi tubeless ready tires, tanwall. As new.(pic4)
$15 26x1.95 Kenda wire-bead city slicks.


Likely interested in the Sundeal and all accoutrements.


Definitely interested in these and maybe some 26x2ish slicks if you have any

Interested in this if it doesn’t go with the frame.



I’m into this, and maybe the crankset too

Tentative dibs on this, I might have a bike for it

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That Balancé is pristine.

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I have no need for more bike junk right now but I am going to watch this thread like a hawk lol


Personally excited about multi-tool hoard.


I, too, have no need for more bike stuff and still read through Jimmy’s posts ten times to make sure I didn’t miss anything interesting atmo.


I know Jimmy’s frames are all too big for me but I still gaze wistfully at them. this time that procaliber is tickling my fancy

That humu got me hmmming


OMG too much stuff. Sorry for the delay. Pulled more stuff out over lunch and it’s going to take more than I thought for all pics and whatnot. I’ll respond to everyone once everything is up.


Same, no need, much want

I used to have a 135mm coaster brake in the hoard just waiting for something like this but the dither on that withered and died years ago.

I also had one of those HG Sturmey 135mm drum brake hubs laced up but that dither became someone else’s dither.


Bumpdate with pics and prices and whatnot.

Holler if something is out of line pricewise. Happy to make deals on big lots I want this stuff (mostly) gone.

Shipping not included but most stuff is $10-20 in the USA. Wheelsets and frames are obvs. more but shouldn’t be terrible.

I have more pics of each item but didn’t want to flood the thread, let me know if you want to see something. Unless noted everything is “rider” condition with scratches from use and general wear and tear, but not at end of life by any means. None of this is museum stuff (maybe the GT koozie).

Stems, bars, seatposts coming soon.

Interested in the Mineral Mini-Bar and second-dibs on the parallel-push V-brakes

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Dibs please

Still looking through things

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