You're gunna hurt yourself: Carry Shit Olympics (aka the Cargo Bike thread)

Curious what your gears look like if you really roached a chain that fast

I lube the chain on my e-Dummy with NFS when it gets noisy and run it under similar conditions, that chain has at least 3k miles on it and still isn’t to the 0.75 on a chain checker.

B2650 with a blower. A tractor seemed excessive until we went through one winter up here…honestly couldn’t leave my neighborhood if we didn’t have at least a couple tractor bros getting up early and doing the roads in our neighborhood to connect out to the county road.


worth measuring with the blue ruler :tm: or a chain checker that more accurately measures elongation. :atmo:

I actually double-checked with a Pedro’s tool, which is apparently more accurate. Also reading .75.

The cassette seems pretty okay I think…

I’ve never used one of those chain checker tools and I’ve never had a chain wear out. I don’t really believe that chains wear out. Those checkers are a Big Chain conspiracy to sell more chains.
Chains last forever. Done believe the lies!



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For best results you’ll want to have a built in fastener to connect the ring lock to

I’ve used one in the past and will use one again. They’re great for some peace of mind. The adapter posts for them suck but do get the thing on there.

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I’ve been meaning to get one of these forever.

They’re great, especially for quick trips inside a store or at the park to immobilize it.

My acoustic Bluebird came stock with it from LvH in 2014, but the eLizzard in 2020 didn’t. I guess they stopped doing that at some point. :person_shrugging:

But you’re going to forget that it is locked. More than once. And bend a few spokes in the process.

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Any thoughts on if it’ll fit with my rear rack mounted? The rack attaches to the seatstay bridge.

Mine was mounted in the rear triangle.

Not the best quality photo, but I think it wouldn’t interfere?


i keep a big chain lock on the rear rack of my longjohn, it’s easy to drop it through the wheel, and visually noisy enough to keep from easily being forgotten.

I sort of want a pin lock (frame has tabs for it), but I assume that I’d repeatedly shred the rear spokes

This is true. I haven’t (yet).


Mine has studs on the front side of the seat stays. isn’t there some technique whereby you put a coily lanyard on the handle bars to remind you to undo the lock?

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A new contender for most askward bit of cargo I’ve lugged on the bob yak – two more space heaters (sucking up 5kw to run space heaters is /still/ cheaper than buying heating oil, thanks to the oil companies.)


Yeah, motorcycle folks do this often for locks placed on the front disc rotor.

Edit: “motorcycle lock reminder” is a good search.

Thought this was interesting

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