Dangler wrangling

A place to share some shifter compatibility stuff.

Did I hear someone say the other day that shimano 11 speed MTB danglers and 12 speed MTB danglers worked with each other’s shifters ?

A few more links.








Please add any that are good. That better shifting one seems to be about Di2 fyi.


Has anyone tried this?

I’ve heard about the X-horizon / Dynasys mashup too but yet to test.

What I do know…

All X-horizon is the same. 11 and 12. Same shit. Confirmed.

All dynasys is the same. 11 and 12 confirmed. 10 appears to be the same too… BUT not confirmed.


I’m about to start amassing Shimano 12 parts for a drivetrain swap. I’m sorely disappointed that the GX clicker doesn’t let you use your index finger to shift up. I could test the GX clicker/Shimano dangler combo.

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Given SRAMs lack of a 2x clutch dangler with a “road” styled cable-way, I am now looking to see if there is a way a 2x GRX or RX can be hacked to work with SRAM road shifters.

So the GX eagle on my wife’s Blackborow shifts super duper clunky from new. Is that pretty common. It was a complete bike so I didn’t feel like immediately swapping cables and housing but after a year and a half it’s super annoying. So should I a) replace cables, housing, and swap for a deore dangle or b) just try cables and housing first and leave extra in case I need it for swapping to a different dangler

What chain and what cassette? Low-end chains and cassettes are usually a factor in making shifting extra clunky. I’ve found the NX level stuff works significantly worse in this regard compared to GX or higher chains and the better quality SunRace 11 and 12s cassettes. The NX chains blow out laterally long before they measure worn out as well. We don’t stock NX level chains for this reason.


It should be GX chain and cassette but I’ll double check.

And yeah, 11/12 definitely work together. Here’s a clip of a guy using a 12-speed shimano shifter to shift the 11-speed XT across a 10-45 12-speed cassette: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jktgGzzZ8W8&t=408s

(start at 6m48s if the timestamp didn’t work)


This is the info I was waiting for

I have the xt dangler and have been curious about a 12 speed shifter

Does anyone know if Shimano GRX is the same cable pull as road 11 speed? I just found out that jtek do a converter that would let me use an 11 speed Shimano dangler with sram shifters.
2x clutch-ways.

It is.


Sram shifters are the weak spot though

Unfortunately the bike came with sram 1x so apart from taking my medicine, and converting it to 2x, I think I am stuck here for a bit. A buddy is waiting on GRX 2x for his new Ti Singular Gryphon. Will arrive in July and cost $2000 for the gruppo.

2000 for a group seems crazy to me
Note: I just bought a clicker and dangler for $100, will soon be buying a cassette for $180ish

NZD$ is less than yours on account of our lack of freedoms. I saw new Sram AXS for $2000 this week too. Sram GX cassettes apparently cost $400 here… it seems very random to me.


What about GRX 400 10 speed. Same as normal road 10 speed?
Edit: ok. So I am guessing that the new 10 speed road is now called Tiagra. So the next question is, is that the same cable-pull as the old 10 speed, I am thinking not.

I’m trying not to call anything “normal” 10-speed because it just creates confusion at this point - “normal” stuff has all been out of production for 8+ years.

All 10-speed Dura Ace, Ultegra, 105, and Tiagra 4600 are on “classic” shimano cable pull

All 11-speed Dura Ace, Ultegra, 105, and GRX are on the “new road” cable pull, along with 10-speed Tiagra 4700 and GRX. This includes both the front and rear derailleurs.


Ah. Got it. So in that case, does a 10 speed GRX 400 rear dangler work with an 11 speed shifter and 11 speed cassette?


btw, relevant to this thread: some of us on the PLP discord were looking at that art’s cyclery blog post about drivetrain compatibility and this stuck out to us as real weird.

if the cog pitch between road and MTB 11-speed was really that different, how are so many people successfully running mullet drivetrains with road shakes and danglers and tailhook lengtheners with big MTB cassettes?

tl;dr we all had a late night caliper party with our respective spare parts bins and concluded this is bullshit: 11-speed SRAM and Shimano road cassettes are also ~3.9mm cog pitch, same as the MTB cassettes. Dunno how their chart is so wrong, they claim to have directly measured this.

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