The Nü Nü Nü People Thread - Your first post goes here

New to tarck? Post your bike here and a committee of experts will tell you why it sucks.

Oh hey I just realized we don’t have to comment to subscribe to a thread. Neat.

Well hell, I’ll be the new nu guy thread sacrificial lamb


Could you maybe stand a little further away and cover your bike up a little more, please? Thanks.


that’s a very nice wall. is that a bike leaning against it? i can’t really tell

So I guess your luggage came with a bicycle.

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Good thing you got that sweet rackless buttrocket so you can go fast and light and not have a rear rack cluttering up your bike.

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go away

i’m confused, do we call those things buttrockets? if so, what do we call the triathlete post-mounted water bottle holders? because those look way more like rockets.
i think post-mounted rolls like the one on his bike should be Butt Cannons due to girth

You’re not wrong, but we still call them butt rockets. Thank Fred for that one.

Also, I double dog dare anyone to Google “butt rocket”.

I’ll wait.

does this guy get a prize for being new tarck first new guy?

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they’ve been paying attention though. that’s the tarck approved camo molle bag.

This guy has been a member since 2010. Just hasn’t posted since then.

This is the only Tarck Approved method of onboarding ATMO.

Shut up
Marinade for 8 years
Shut up again

Welcome stranger. We speak your name.


yeah there is no statute of limitations to avoid the hazing. i don’t care if someone joined on 5/3/2008 and hasn’t posted, they still get hazed.

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Was gonna point out elite lurker status re: camo bag

I bought said camo bag years ago and it’s still in my bag box in the basement unused

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It has warmed my black heart to overhear crowds of young woman cyclists excitedly talking about “butt rockets” to one another

like an ersatz Bicycle Bechdel Test

Thanks Marley for spreading the good words :tarckbear: :


Long time listener first time caller, here’s my pavement bike:

It’s pretty fun to look at and I ride it sometimes too.


Getting closer. Can you post a full-on side view photo with a background that doesn’t completely obscure the details so we can properly judge you?